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While many young groups are writing angst-ridden lyrics inspired by heartbreak and composing songs that harp on how rough their lives have been, Alphatide’s music dwells on the lighter side of life. Finding inspiration from artists like The Beatles, The Verve, Oasis, and Elliott Smith, Alphatide combines catchy melodic progressions with introspective lyrics that tell how good things can be.
Formed in 2001, Elcodrive is comprised of members of two popular groups in southern Massachusetts. The newly formed Elcodrive has combined the musicianship of Bob’s Day Off and the lead vocals from Something Ira. Elcodrive is currently writing the songs for their upcoming debut album, which will be produced by Scott Riebling. The album is expected to be available in Q1’02.
From three members to four and now to five, Los Angeles-based supergroup Lustra says "Maybe you're in recession, but we're experiencing phenomenal growth." After a name change and relocation from Boston to LA, Lustra have taken the monster they first introduced on their XOFF release, 'Bikini Pie Fight!', and force-fed it on big beats for a solid year. The result? Watch yer ass in 2002, junior. This beast is heavier, louder, and handsomer than ever, and when it shows up in your city this year, it won't have come just to feed the pigeons.

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